Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tagged again & my entry to a contest :-D

Hello ladies!!

Looks like I was just tagged again by Lipstick Rules. Go check her out and follow her blog if you like it cause she's great!!

I was not only awarded once but twice!!!

The awards are....

Award #1: I Love Your Blog


Award #2: 15 Blogs I frequently read:

Now I tag 15 awesome ladies. Consider yourselves tagged by both awards :-)

01. Aleksis (we have similar taste in make, skin tone, humor, and overall a lovely friend!)

02. LaurenSchoon (She's a model and posts lots of great photoshoots)

03. Geli (She's from the Phillipines and has lots of interesting blogs about makeup, food, and many more!

04. MakeupbyLaurenP (I love her eyeshadow looks)

05. BigHairBiggerLashes (Recently stumbled upon her blog & it's fab)

06. Tali (Her blog design is flawless along with her taste in style!)

07. Karen (Been checking out her blog a lot lately & I love her FOTD's.)

08. DulceCandy (I love her youtube videos and her fashion blogs!)

09. ToothFairy 20 something dentist who's from the Netherlands & dig her blogs)

10. Faffinette (Very popular on youtube & love her videos. Wish she made more blogs)

11. Liparazzi (She's from Scotland & I love her product reviews)

12. MissChievous (Been watching her vids for a while and been reading her blogs as of late.)

13. Beauty Love
(Recently found her blog. I love her hairstyles, makeup and she's very nice!)

14. too much blush (visited her blog last night love her FOTD's & that wavy auburn hair of hers)

15. Hottest Heels (A fantastic shoe blog with lots of pics)

And last but not content I am entering a contest for the first time! The blog is called I Heart Cosmetics and check out her giveaway!!


Makeup By Lauren P said...

Oh wow! Two awards! Thanks so much hun, I appreciate it!

Tali said...

Thank you darling!! It means so much to me you like the blog!! :) x

Karen said...

Awww, congratulations on the award and thank you so much for nominating me too ;) I hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Liparazzi said...

aww thank you for the mention!It means so much to me that people like what I'm doing. Your comments always make me smile x

Aleksis said...

Tali's blog is one of my very favorites as well, she has impeccable taste! Thanks for the awards hon, they are always much appreciated!


Toothfairy said...

Thanks for thinking about me concerning the awards! Congrats on getting so many!


Iva said...

WOOHOO!! Congratulations!! ;)

Karen said...

Hi GMB! Yes! L'oreal Voluminous has a regular non-waterproof formula and also a waterproof formula. The packaging is almost identical so you'll have to check closely to pick up the right one ;)
Oh I'm using regular Johnson's Baby Oil to remove my makeup. Works like a charm and I wear excessive eye makeup! However, while I'm travelling like at the moment, I'm using the MAC Gently off eye and lip makeup remover which is also very effective at removing my makeup ;) Have you tried either of those? What do you use to remove makeup? Hope that helps!

Karen said...

Hello again GMB! I would guess that the L'oreal Voluminous non-waterproof version is easier to remove than the waterproof version - I've always went for waterproof makeup in case it rains, snows or I end up crying for some reason LOL. Must be prepared at all times! But honestly if you buy any baby oil (anywhere from $1-$5 at most) it will remove all traces of makeup - even heavy waterproof eye makeup. Some people have used olive oil instead.
I'm not sure about the quality of MAC holiday brushes - they are smaller in size generally speaking than the regular brushes. I wasn't impressed when I checked them out in the store but then again, I have so many brushes that I've accumilated over the years so I don't need anymore. There's some good quality cheaper priced brushes too if you want to start somewhere - that's what I did for years before I started to buy more expensive brushes ;) Hope that helps dear!

Swtest2Lips said...

Thanks, Ill be checking out these blogs listed!

Lorien BeautyLove said...

Naww yay :) i love awards! theyre so fun to receive and to give aswell!! Keep posting!!! Hauls maybe? x

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