Saturday, January 9, 2010

Haul - My new makeup brushes!!

Hello my lovely followers!!

Okay well maybe they're not exactly makeup brushes but they come as close as it gets. Technically speaking these brushes were originally meant for painting. Believe it or not there are some paint brushes that are EXACTLY like the high quality makeup brushes. Evidently, my blog about such brushes isn't a grand revelation because a number of prominent bloggers have written about these before.

The shape, size, and hair from the bristles are basically the same as some of the well known MAC brushes. The major benefit for using such brushes is they are WAY cheaper than the name brands. In fact, I spent a grand total of about $15 for these 4 brushes, where as their MAC counterparts are about $40 a piece!!

I wouldn't have mind spending extra money on a MAC 239 & MAC 228 but I had already spent a lot of money on other things from last December. Since I REALLY wanted to go ahead and start building my makeup collection I decided to go the cheaper route.

I'll be sure and make an update blog and let you all know how well they work out for me. Since these are some of my first makeup brushes I'm not sure how accurate my critique will be. I don't have much experience using other brushes!!

Here's a list of my brushes numbered from top to bottom (just like in my pic):

01. American Painter - 3/4 inch 4600 Oval Wash (similar to MAC 190)

02. Loew-Cornell - 1/4 inch AMM Mini Mop (similar to MAC 217)

03. Loew-Cornell - 3/8 inch Maxine's Mop 270
(similar to MAC 239)

04. Loew-Cornell - 1/4 inch Maxine's Mop 270 (similar to MAC 228)


In case you're wondering where I got these. I bought them at & another good site to get these brushes are at

Some embeds of pictures and videos from other users comparing them with MAC brushes :-)

Embed from twixtbetwixt

Embed from pinkmacprincess


Sarah x said...

Those look so like Mac's brushes, great find hun xx

booboo said...

Actually, I never thought of using paint brushes! What a great idea :) please do a post and let us know how they work :)

Geli said...

I don't think there's Loew Cornell here in the Philippines :D
If there was one, I'll go buy those right away :D

i'm amazed to hear that your interest in makeup started around the same time as mine did. :D it's amazing how addiction carries us to a place of bankruptcy :P
and for the kiss, suuure :D hahaha :D

Happy New Year :D xoxo

Tali said...

They look great!!!
I think some of them look like the perfect shape to sculpt and shade the eye crease. FAB WORK!!! xx

Vanessa M. said...


petitderriere said...

hmm i better head down to my local arts and crafts shop haha
love to hear your review.

Geeky Mac Boy said...

@Sarah x - The 3/8 inch Loew-cornell is EXACTLY like the MAC 239. I've looked at them repeatedly and still have yet to see any differences. They're probably made of the exact same materials and MAC just paints them logo on it.

@booboo - Don't worry I will definitely do a review on them. First i gotta get some makeup first. Still looking for some good eyeshadows but managed to find some really good foundations, mascaras and primers though :-)

@Geli - Yeah when I read that I was thinking to myself WOAH that's when I started. Oh and I couldn't find the brushes where I lived. Not even at the art and craft stores where people say they're at. They possibly have been discontinued because I had to buy them online. Gotta them off of a site called , I'll put their link in the blog :-D

Geeky Mac Boy said...

@Tali - That's great to hear you say that about my blog sweetie!! You're like one of the greatest beauty bloggers around !! Yeah one of them is exactly like the 239. Can't wait to try them out and give a review on how well they work out. Great hearing form you1! oxox :-D

Geeky Mac Boy said...

@Vanessa M. - Thank you hon!

@petitderriere - In case you have trouble finding them at the arts store. Check out because that's where i got mine!! :-)

AudreyAllure said...

great post!

love your blog! :)
- Audrey Allure <3

LaurenSchoon said...

Thanks for your feedback on my new layout. I'm obviously not a professional either, so advice is always nice. But like I said, I'm gonna play around with the colors some more. And I'll see what I can do about the buttons!

Makeup By Lauren P said...

hey did u post a link to another giveaway on my give-a-way page? I was just wondering because there is a link to another persons giveaway and that is not what is suppose to be posted on my post lol...check it out..and let me know if you did it, because I know your entering..thanks hun!

Jo' said...
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Jo' said...

Awesome haul! I'm always up for great mac dupes. I tried buying a few but my local arts store is a mess! But I will check out the website where you got yours from :)

why didnt I think of buyin' them online? >:(

Mara said...

I love Loews. They went on sale at Joann's last week too! Their flat brushes are amazing. <3

Sush said...

i have a couple of loew cornell and american painter brushes and they do work great. I find that the maxine mop picks up more color than some of my other applicator brushes. too bad theyre not locally available here in my country

Marce said...

Hello there! Thanks so much for visiting me over at my blog! Your comments meant alot =)
So these are the mystery brushes! Great review and comparisons! We don't have these here, but I do use a local brands' paint brushes, they're excellent!

tickledP!NK said...

this was so ur should do some looks!!!


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