Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Award:-D

Hey lovelies!!

First and foremost this response is WAY overdue.... and sorry that I am just now responding to this. I've haven't been on internet much for the past week because I was working a lot. There was a big snow/ice storm that hit my area and I wanted to get as much of my work finished before it hit. Especially since I tend to travel on ocassion.

Speaking of snow/ice I couldn't help but notice that people were driving in the ice and didn't have a clue how to properly drive in it. I'm considering writing a blog on giving tips to driving in snow/ice and reducing chances of getting into crashes or getting stuck in it. Would ya'll like that? Let me know...

Okay now onto the good part. So I was tagged by Lorraine for the Happy Award. Go check her out because she has a lovely blog :-)

So the rules are that I list 10 things that make me so happy. Then I'll tag 10 other people for this award.

01. makeup!!
02. surfing the web
03. shoes & fashion
04. shopping
05. drinking a nice cup of Green Tea while relaxing
06. solving problems
07. talking on skype, chatting and emailing friends
08. creating art on adobe photoshop
09. Laughing
10. i actually enjoy getting many things done & trying to do them in the quickest, most efficient way possible! (yeah kinda odd he he)

I'm gonna tag....


For those of you that didn't get tagged in this and still wanna play. Then guess what consider yourself tagged!! Just remember though to link the person who tagged you and to nominate 10 other people!!

Now I'm off to catch up on some of ya'lls yummy blogs. Some of you have posted a bunch lately!!! But that's a great thing because I love to read about all the fabulous products you ladies are trying out. I plan to do another haul myself here very shortly :-)


Makeup By Lauren P said...

thanks so much hun! when my web design is finished i will repost!

Mara said...

Thank you for tagging me dear! :)

AVY said...

I would have thought apples...

PetitDerriere said...

Thanks for tagging me!! Gotta love shopping and makeup! =P

PetitDerriere said...

Oh and thanks for all your comments too =)

Sarah x said...

Thanks so much for tagging me Angel, will do as soon as i possibly can xx

Lorien BeautyLove said...

thanks so much! :)

cant wait for you haul post!

keep posting :)

Anonymous said...

Hey hun, thanks for the tag, I'm about to complete the tag, on my personal blog.

Anonymous said...

K its done, heres the link

Geli said...

WAAAAH! :D thank you thank you.

love you too dearee! :D

won't get tired of the awards you send my way! :D hopefully, i can pass this award to the next 10 :D

will go back to blogging once the books stop chasing me :P

have a great day! a great week! a great month :D :D


Jordy's Beauty Spot said...

NAWWW thanks for the award hun!
I will do it ASAP :)


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