Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tagged again & my entry to a contest :-D

Hello ladies!!

Looks like I was just tagged again by Lipstick Rules. Go check her out and follow her blog if you like it cause she's great!!

I was not only awarded once but twice!!!

The awards are....

Award #1: I Love Your Blog


Award #2: 15 Blogs I frequently read:

Now I tag 15 awesome ladies. Consider yourselves tagged by both awards :-)

01. Aleksis (we have similar taste in make, skin tone, humor, and overall a lovely friend!)

02. LaurenSchoon (She's a model and posts lots of great photoshoots)

03. Geli (She's from the Phillipines and has lots of interesting blogs about makeup, food, and many more!

04. MakeupbyLaurenP (I love her eyeshadow looks)

05. BigHairBiggerLashes (Recently stumbled upon her blog & it's fab)

06. Tali (Her blog design is flawless along with her taste in style!)

07. Karen (Been checking out her blog a lot lately & I love her FOTD's.)

08. DulceCandy (I love her youtube videos and her fashion blogs!)

09. ToothFairy 20 something dentist who's from the Netherlands & dig her blogs)

10. Faffinette (Very popular on youtube & love her videos. Wish she made more blogs)

11. Liparazzi (She's from Scotland & I love her product reviews)

12. MissChievous (Been watching her vids for a while and been reading her blogs as of late.)

13. Beauty Love
(Recently found her blog. I love her hairstyles, makeup and she's very nice!)

14. too much blush (visited her blog last night love her FOTD's & that wavy auburn hair of hers)

15. Hottest Heels (A fantastic shoe blog with lots of pics)

And last but not content I am entering a contest for the first time! The blog is called I Heart Cosmetics and check out her giveaway!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Woo hoo my first award!!!

Hey Ladies!!

I won my first blog award and it was given to me by "Makeup by Lauren P"!! Lauren is someone I recently met on here and she has a very nice blog and youtube channel. Go check out her blog when ya'll get the chance. Thanks a lot for the award Lauren it really means a lot =)

In order to fully accept the award, now I gotta spread the lovely-ness by giving this award to 15 other lovely bloggers. Also sending them a message making sure they know about being awarded!!

Here's the 15 lovely bloggers I nominated:

  1. Alpha Blonde
  2. The Gloss Goss
  3. Geli
  4. Karen
  5. Jess
  6. petitderriere
  7. sssdawna
  8. Everyday Makeup with Becky
  9. LOLAnne
  10. Notes from the Toothfairy
  11. Liparazzi
  12. Goldbeauty88
  13. Taste of Originality
  14. Hottest Heels
  15. Champagne and Marshmallows

These are 15 blogs that I've been checking out lately and think are really fabulous. If your blog is listed above then all you gotta do is repeat the process. Link me letting your readers know I was the person who nominated your blog and then go tag 15 other people. Also don't forget to message the people you've nominated!!

Thanks for reading!! xoxo

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just a little something :-)

Hey ladies,

This is a video I made on youtube that I wanted to share with you all. I was tagged by Aleksis and she makes great makeup tutorials and gives out great advice. Go follow her blog and subscribe to her youtube channel if ya haven't already!


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