Wednesday, January 19, 2011

My Blak Kat bracelet!

Hello dolls!!

I bought this lovely bracelet from my good dear friend Aleksis. She has recently started her own website called Blak Kat where she sells hand made bracelets and necklaces. I absolutely feel in LOVE with the blue one that I'm wearing in the photo (yes I wear it throughout the day!)

Aleksis is such a sweetheart too, she also sent me a couple free gifts along with my purchase. As you can see she sent me some Lancome Color Fever lip gloss in Delirium. Also last but not least she also sent me some FusionBeauty Illumifill Line Filling Luminizer!!

Remember when I did that virtual FOTD on my last blog? If you didn't see it I did a makeover for a beautiful lady over on a site called For a first timer I think I did an alright job. Perhaps if I could do it over then I might not have used such a bright pink for her lips.. idk.



Anyways after I did this I had an idea and tell me what you ladies think about it. If you send me a pic of yourself I'll give you a virtual makeover as well and post it in a future blog!!! Does that sound good? If so then you can email me a photo to and I'll see how well I can do it


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