Monday, March 8, 2010

Another Haul blog!!!

This is my 2nd purchase EVER believe it or not :-) Feels nice to be making another Haul blog!!

These 2 items here were purchased from Niki in Wonderland. I'm sooo glad that it came in because at first I wasn't sure that it would. Lately a couple of things weren't being delivered to me and I finally figured out why. The post office doesn't recognize packages that are addressed in a user-name!! Ughh....

01. Urban Decay Primer Potion in "Sin"

02. Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On eyeliner in "Bourbon"

I also bought the regular UDPP and it will be shipped to me soon as well. I'm not sure which one I'll like so i bought both of them!! So have any of you used UDPP in Sin before? Did you like it or do you prefer the regular UDPP instead?

So far I've spent a lot and I'm still far from done. He he he... I want my very first makeup collection to be special so I'm not holding back at all.

I just received another order of makeup products and I'll be doing a haul on those as well. Plus I'm gonna be buying a few items from EwwItsNikki here soon too and can't freakin wait to get some MAC eyeshadows from her!!

I'd like to thank some of the new followers that have discovered my blog as of late.

I'm almost near my first 100 followers and am seriously thinking about doing a Giveaway. What do you all think would make great items for a giveway? Let me know!!

Love ya all!!



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out! Be sure to check out my new blog sale with brand new MAC items.

Nikki said...

Hey hun!
Omg~ i'm glad you finally blogged! i've missed you around the blogging world hehe!

anyways good news and a bit of bad.. actually, i've talked to my supplier & she has picked up a bunch of mac goodies from our wholesaler & i'll pick it up this sunday from her. semi- bad news is that... some of the e/s that you wanted weren't in stock anymore. but i do have beauty marked & stars & rockets

& a bunch of other colors, which i'll post once i get em.

i also have your nc20 studio fix & the #168 brush.

ps. can't wait to see & find out about your upcoming giveaway.

i'll be having a 150 follower giveaway soon too. once i reach 150 & i'll be doing it big since i've collected a bunch of makeup & skincare stuff over the course of a few months hehe


Lorien BeautyLove said...

i so want to try either one of the UDPPs!! i dont really wear full blown eyeshadow though, so i dont think i could justify spending that much on a shadow primer... but it might be good to hide the darkness under my eyes??

if you have time review the two UDPPs :) x

Caitlin said...

I love bourbon :) I've had it for awhile and never really paid much attention to it, but last week for whatever reason I applied it to my waterline while wearing only a ton of mascara, and I LOVE IT! I have dark eyes so I like to outline them, but sometimes black can look like a little mutch, plus it's really noticiable when it smudges. But anyways, brown eyeliners are my new obsession :) I wanna check out MAC teddy next! xo

Jo' said...

Welcome back :)

I haven't tried UDPP since I love my Too faced Shadow insurance very much and already have a back up. Maybe I will get a sample next time just to try it :)

ahhh geeky mac boy I can already see you will be a mac addict like the rest of us hahaha


Karen said...

Yay for another purchase :) I do love my UDPP but the tube is stupid - you have to cut it open when the wand no longer gets any more product out and it's not easy to cut that tube! Plus, you'll need a container to store all that product in after. Just messy in my opinion and once I'm done my tube I will stick to my MAC paint pots which work just as well for me.
I hope you love the L'oreal Voluminous mascara. I've used it for years (in combination with my tweezerman lash comb).

Geli said...

UDPP!!! :D i'm sooo jealous dearie :D

Makeup By Lauren P said...

Get TFSI! Thats what i like to use!
Hey hun, I saw that you left a nice comment on my chat box a while back and I just wanted to say hey, and let you know that my blog has now moved over to wordpress so thats why u prolly havent gotten any updates of my posts. I have the same website:, but it just has a new & improved design.
Please check it out and please considering following if your already not doing so, because I will be having a contest soon! you know i am sending the support right back to ya ;)

kimber doll said...

Hi, friend!
Hope you are doing well! THanks for this haul post, I've been wanting to try some of the ALice products for awhile now!! Great post =)


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