Thursday, April 1, 2010

Swap n' Sale (my experience so far)

This blog is a question to all of my followers. How many of you ladies participated in these swap and sale pages from websites such as, makeupalley, etc?

Some of the makeup products I've been looking for as of late have been hard-to-find items that have been discontinued. After I do indeed find some of these items in the swap n' sale sections. I find it quite irritating to get my hopes up, only to be later disappointed because the other person goes *poof* and isn't around to complete the sale.

In fact, the last person I tried to purchase from wrote a VERY LONG story about how she had to sell off most of her collection in order to help pay her student loans. I figured that this would be a person much more willing to follow thru on selling/trading. But I was wrong and now she suddenly is nowhere to be found either. And it's not like I said anything to turn her off. All the conversation really consisted of was me asking if the item was still for sale, her saying yes, and then offering to pay for the price she was offering. That was 3 days ago... and haven't heard anything back.

Anyways it may sound like I'm ranting over nothing but this has been going on for about a week now. It's especially frustrating when it comes to rare items that I've discovered.

If you're somebody posting your items up for sale, then suddenly change your mind about wanting to sell. At least have the courtesy to tell the person know because letting a person hang like that is very rude in my opinion.

So is this how it usually goes in the swap/sale sections? Or am I just having some really bad luck?


Nikki said...

hey love!
glad your back to blogging. for your question, i've actually never did a swap on either MUA or spektra. I just do swaps with fellow bloggers. hehe!

Btw, have you gotten the items i sent you? I've checked the usps website & it said that it was already delivered. anyways, just checking. Hope everything got to you safe & sound.

take care!


Anonymous said...

Hey again. I see we are now friends on facebook, yay.
I just started using MUA. Alot of times I will message someone on MUA and I never hear from them. I actually wrote about this very same situation on my MUA notepad. It's frustrating though because you get all excited about a swap and then you never hear from the person. But at the same time, I sympathize with the person selling LE edition items because they probably get bombarded with dozens of emails. Keep on trying, I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. Are you on MUA?

Aleksis said...

This *always* happens on MUA, but I've never had a problem with Specktra or Ebay!

LOLanne said...

ive never done swap and sales... buuut ive heard of sooo many people getting swaplifted at mua, i suggest you stay away!
if i were to do swaps though, id do it through blogger... preferably someone that posts frequently, that way, you know they care about their online rep andd won't swap lift you

gL on finding your discontinued items, anddd always be careful with swaps :)


Love, Sweetcheeks said...

Yeah I agree. Communications should be very precise and detailed when attempting to purchase/trade/sell items with another potential person interested. Hope things go more smoothly next time around for you!


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