Monday, May 17, 2010

NARS and MAC haul!!

Getting so close to finally reaching my first 100 followers. I will definitely be giving out a VERY nice giveaway once I reach that point. I have a good idea what I'm gonna giveaway and I think you all will love it :-)

So I've been meaning to post this haul for sometime but I was away from the internet. I've been traveling a lot and recently had a birthday.

So here's what I purchased:

NARS blush and bronzer Duo (in Orgasm & Laguna): This one seems to be VERY popular and I can clearly see why. Both shades look spectacular and have been wanting to try them out for a while. I got this baby over on makeupalley and was originally going to buy both shades individually but figured the Duo would work better for me :-)

NARS Lipstick in Venice
- I bought this at makeupalley by a really nice and helpful girl. I'm a real sucker for pink lippies like this. I recently saw some MAC lippies and a YSL that was a really pretty shade like this and may post a haul on those as well!!

MAC Fafi lippie in Utterly Frivolous - I first saw this lovely shade on somebody's blog a while back and thought it was a gorgeous shade. It took me forever to finally find someone that was selling this. I think this lippie has been discontinued.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC20): I've seen so many tutorial videos/blogs of ladies raving about this one. In fact it was one of the very first items that got my attention when first getting interested in makeup. Right after receiving it I made the mistake of leaving it in my car on a hot sunny day. The concealer was "sweating" and it was very watery looking at the top. At first I was upset because I thought that I had accidentally ruined it. ha ha ha

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Another very popular item that I've been wanting to get for a long time. A while back I did buy some UDPP but it was in a shade called "Sin". It was alright but I think i'll like this kind better.

Maybelline Forever Metallics - Ruby Luster:
I bought not 1 but 2 of these lovely lippies a few weeks ago. I went to an old FOTD blog and saw somebody using this one and just had to try it out. Since I have 2 of these. I think I will probably use 1 of them for my upcoming giveaway


Jen said...

great buys! i love all the products u mentioned! lol at the concealer 'sweating' hahahah i know what u mean!

PetitDerriere said...

ooo hitting the high end! haha
I have Nars orgasm as well! so pretty.

Can't wait for the giveaway!

♥ Makeup Kitten ♥ said...

Nice products! You'll love Orgasm :)

Karen said...

Hey Hun! How have you been?! Sounds like you've been good if you've been traveling :)
For sure - give fake lashes a try. I think the Ardell ones are a good one to start with considering the value for money. And no matter how much mascara you put on or how good the mascara is, you can't get lashes to look the way they do when there's a false strip of lashes on (unless you have extensions). You'll know what I mean if you try it ;)
Great haul by the way!
The only NARS product I have tried is their lipgloss and chubby liner/shadow. I wasn't impressed :(
But I'm sure Laguna and Orgasm duo will be good for you.
I use the regular UDPP as well. Remember to cut open the tube once you can no longer get product out. The way they constructed the tube is crazy - there's tons of product stuck to the sides at the end. I'm starting to convert to MAC paint pots instead since they work just as good as UDPP, is more affordable, and some of the colours are gorgeous! The UDPP lasts quite some time though.
Have a lovely week :)

Miss*Kimmy said...

Aww, this makes me want to go makeup shopping! Just might have to this weekend ... *evil cackle*. Glad your back!

Vanessa M. said...

nice haul!

Angelique said...

Hey! Thanks for coming by my blog & commenting <3

Love all the purchases you made!! I still need to add some Nars blushes to my collection... soon! ;p


sssdawna said...

woot woot!! how was your birthday traveling??

Geeky Mac Boy said...

@Jen Yeah that "sweating" gave me quite a scare at first. he he he

@Pauline Wanted my first collection to be real nice! I couldn't resist hittin' the expensive stuff!! =)

@Makeup Kitten The Orgasm is such a wonderful color and I've seen it around for a while. I finally decided to get it. Glad to hear that I'll love it!

@Karen Hey Darlin'! Yeah it seems to me that NARS has a lot of hits AND misses. A lot of the lipsticks and blushes seems to be REALLY good but their other products I'm not sure... I'll definitely remember to cut the UDPP bottle when it starts feeling low. I guess the person who designed that only had looks in mind and not ease of use. I've heard of a lot of girls that use MAC paints pots or Two Faced SI. Which PP color do you think is the best for a primer/base?

Geeky Mac Boy said...

@Miss Kimmy Why thank you doll it feels good to be back!! When it came to buying the NARS lippie in Venice it was actually YOUR BLOG that made me go buy it. It was such a gorgeous shade I couldn't resist!

@Vanessa M. Thank you!

@Angelique No problem dear! I liked a lot of your post and I followed you! Let us all know what new NARS stuff you get!! :)

@sssdawna It was pretty good. Thank you!

Karen said...

Hey Hun! I have most of the MAC Paint Pots and I would say for me, Soft Ochre is a good base since it matches my skin tone the best. And then I can layer on any colour shadow from there. Lately I've been using Quite Natural a lot because it's a nice light -med brown shade that compliments my skintone/hair well. Groundwork is nice too - a tad bit lighter than Quite Natural. I also love Constructivist although some might find that a bit dark. Hope that helps :)

Hardcore Makeup Junkie said...

Hey there :) Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog! You have a great blog here as well...I'm following ;) I'll be doing a new post this weekend, hope you like.


Chibu74 said...

u bought great stuff. i have never tried anything from Nars yet...orgasm blush seems to be everyone's fave....will pick up some stuff from Nars sometime

SilhouetteScreams said...

I love me some UDPP <3 it's my HG eyeshadow base. I have a little sample of Sin and wasnt too fond of it, it's a little too pornstar-ish for me to use all over the eye area :|

And I'm hoping to pick up that NARS duo when I go travelling in July! I won Deep Throat from a blog giveaway, so I'm hoping that makes its way here safe and sound.

Lorien BeautyLove said...

we're the same MAC shade :) haha

i love Nars Orgasm blush! that and deep throat are my fav. :) I havent tried the Laguna bronzer, but sooo many bloggers rave about it! GREAT haul <3

NANCYXO said...

such nice things. i love it.

xo nancy

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