Friday, May 28, 2010

Giveaway update and tag blog

I just wanted to thank everyone for participating and helping spread the word out about my first giveaway!! Just to let everyone know that I am writing down all your names and keeping track how many entries each person gets. For those of you that don't post any blogs or tweets of your own and followed me for the giveaway. Please post a comment in my giveaway blog saying something like "enter me" or "add me" so that I don't accidentally miss you!!

So I was tagged by Aleksis. I figured since I've had some new followers that it'd be perfect to do a tag and let you know a thing or two about me. Okay now onto the tag questions!!

This is the 8th picture that is in the 8th folder of my documents. It is a satellite photo of a volcano erupting. I don't remember which volcano this is I've had this for a while.

1) What shoe size are you? US size 11

2) Where do you work? I travel a lot.. that's all I'll say :-)

3) Favorite piece of clothing you own? Probably my leather coat.

4) Your favorite blog? So many that I couldn't name them all on here!!

5) Do you have any pets? I used to...

6) How many siblings do you have? I have several but only one of them lives near me and relates with well.

7) If you could live anywhere, where would it be? Hmm... Seattle maybe?

8) What were you doing before this? I was eating a late night dinner and was typing something

9) Your favorite food? I've always loved anything Italian but lately I've been loving to eat fish.

10) Do you have a middle name? Yes I do!! It used to be my first name a long time ago

11) Your favorite websites? Youtube, GasBuddy, Sephora, MAC, NARS, Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia, eCrater,, Google, Facebook, blogspot, twitter,

12) Who do you tag? I tag everyone reading this!!


Karen said...

Hey Hun! Oh neat tag and that's an interesting picture to have in your folder. I was looking at some of the professional pictures taken of the volcanic eruptions over in Iceland and some of the pictures are phenominal!
I haven't visited Seattle but I would love to one day. I heard it's a nice city!
Let me know how you're doing!

ipehishere said...

wow u travel alot!! u should visit my country ^^

Miss*Kimmy said...

You're such a man of mystery! Still don't feel like I know much about you hehe =)

Ashley said...

Hey great blog! I really like it, I'm following you :)

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Have a great weekend!

Ansa said...

That picture is amazing! :)

Lily nail said...

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