Friday, June 11, 2010

Just a few hours left!!!!


First I just wanted to thank everyone for entering in the giveaway!! I'm surprised in how many people heard about it and had entered.

I've kept a list of everyone's names and how many entries each person receives so I haven't forgotten anyone. So far there's over 400 entries!! :-O

The last possible minute to enter in the giveaway is tonight (June 11th) at 11:59pm U.S. Central Standard time.

Once midnight hits it'll be June 12th and that's when the giveaway closes and a winner will be chosen.

I have issued "drawing numbers" to those who have entered. For example, if you followed my twitter page AND re-tweeted the giveaway then you have a total of 4 drawing numbers. So your drawing numbers will be 85, 86, 87, 88 or something like that. I'll use a random number choosing website to pick the winner.

There's several hours left so it's not too late to enter!!

I'll announce the winner either in the morning or late afternoon on Saturday.

Thank you so much for following me

good luck to everyone!!



Anonymous said...

this is so exciting ! i lovee mac.
congrats on over 200 followers now :)

Magda said...

cross my fingers :) good luck girls

ipehishere said...

i hope i win it. hehe
good luck everyone =)

Amandita said...

omg how exciting,,, I'm keeping my fingers cross =)


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