Monday, December 20, 2010

First Face of the Day (well kinda... lol)

Hello Dearies!

LOL... my last posting said that I was back and that was almost a month ago. Sorry, I got a little tied up with studying for finals and finishing up the semester.

Also, I recently purchased some things and wanted to do some more hauls/swatches. Somehow I lost the battery charger to my camera! I finally gave up search and bought me a new one.

This is kinda sorta my first face of the day look!! Actually it might be more of a Face of the Night since it's fairly well made up. Obviously this is not a FOTD of me (he he) and I didn't psychically apply this to anyone with my products. Instead this was done thru a site called Taaz and I'll do a breif review on this site in a future blog

Here are pics of what she looked like before and after. For a first timer I think I did alright. Many of the products I used are things that I own too! Except the blue eyeshadow by Lancome, but it's sooo gorgeous I might buy some soon! :-D


After (click to enlarge)

List of products I used (many of which I own!)

* MakeUp Forever Lift Concealer in "Dark Beige"
* Revlon Colorstay foundation in "Ivory"
* NARS blush in "Orgasm"
* NARS bronzer in "Laguana"

* MakeUp Forever eyeshadow in "Mauve 151" (highlight)
* Lancome Sensational Effect eyeshadow in "Personal Style"
* Maybelline Define-A-Line eyeliner in "Soft Black"
* L'Oreal Voluminous mascara in Black

* NARS Velvette Matte Lip pencil in "Dragon Girl"
* NARS Lipstick in "Catfight"
* NARS Lipgloss in "Chihuahua"

So how well of a job do you think I did? For a virtual makeover does it look alright?

GeekyMacBoy xoxo


Anonymous said...

Wow she looks fantastic! Can you do me next?

Kim Axani said...

That's really neat how you were able to do this on the computer!!!!!

sssdawna said...

how fun! she looks really good : )

Karen Law said...

That's pretty interesting - I haven't seen an FOTD done that way before :)
Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes Hun!
And if your skin is having issues, I highly recommend Cetaphil lotion. It's what my dermatologist recommended to me years ago when I suddenly had an outbreak of severe dry skin out of nowhere....and Cetaphil CURED that issue - and rather quickly too I might add! Within 2-3 days the dryness was no longer visible and I've been a devoted Cetaphil fan ever's been over 10 years now.

Jen said...

that's really cool!! wow!

Donna said...

wow she looks amazing!

Unknown said...

Omg you’re so cute!!
Much love,


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